Shootings for Ebner Anniversary film series

For making our latest video, an extensive industrial video for Austrian marketleader Ebner Industrieofenbau, we had to travel a lot, even on other continents. For example just in the USA we travelled at least 3.500 kilometers through eight different federal states. We did some scenes in Russia, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Pictures by Roland Froschauer


During this journey we made many new experiences and got to know lots of people from different countries  and of course we filmed some great scenes! The whole production which includes also 3D animations was filmed in full 4K resolution and is in total over 4 TB big. All in all we can say that all the stress and effort that brings such a journey with it, was totally worth it.


VFX Breakdown Day4night Shot „7 Mountains to Glory“

For our documentary „7 Mountains to Glory“, we needed a helicopter shot to be modified to look like it takes place at night, due to the film’s story. The shot is approximately 25 seconds long and has been captured among sunny but slighly diffuse conditions. To get the feeling of that wet and cloudy early morning (4:00 am) of the race day, when the athletes were heading toward the Traunstein’s plateau, we added some clouds, a dark sky, colours and lights using After Effects. The challenge was to apply the effects over the whole sequence, in which the perspective, foreground etc. is going through a lot of changes. Rotoscopying had to be done by hand as well.

For more information about the movie/ screening dates etc. stay tuned and please visit

Premiere of „7Mountains to Glory“

The premiere of our documentary „Seven Mountains to Glory“ was a huge success! In a fully sold out city theater in the town of Gmunden, the place where the story about the „most beautiful adventure-race in all of Austria“ takes place in front of 500 visitors. The movie, which has lasted for at least one year in production and had a postproduction process of several months during the summer of 2017, was warmly received by the local audience. Among them were many participants of the race and all of the main characters of the movie. Additional screenings in Gmunden, Linz and other cities are in planning and we are currently doing the submission for different festivals of mountain film.

For more infos about the marathon visit:  fotos by: Eva Gaigg

Filming in Iten/Kenya

Shooting for the first time on the African continent was a very challenging and adventurous experience. Altough we were accommodated very well in the unique Running hotel „Kerio View“ in Kenya’s marathon-capitol Iten, the daily shooting work was affected by the high altitude which sometimes led to breathlessness. The beautiful landscape and the kindness of the local people made all that effort worth it though, and we were able to collect stunning footage of the locals, professional marathon runners, and the running culture of this country. The full documentary of this trip is still being edited and will be seen on Christian Pflügls lectures and training events. The trailer can be seen here.

Filming From A Helicopter Around the Traunsee

In August 2016 we got the opportunity to shoot some aerial footage for our documentary about the Traunsee Bergmarathon. The aim was to fly alongside the original race track to generate timelapse shots which shall be shown together with an animated red line- race track in the movie. The footage is now being 3D tracked and the track animated with the use of GPS data as well as different maps of the trailrun.

New Animation Film Projects

We are currently working on different animation movies containing various animation techniques like Graphic Recording, animated Paintings, 3D Animation etc. For  the customers Trotec Laser, Hartl Crusher, Fonds Gesundes Österreich, and Dynamic Perspective.

New 4k – RAW Recording

We are proud to announce, that as from now, we can provide 4K – RAW recordings up to 14 bit. Captured with the Atomos Shogun Recorder/Monitor via HD SDI.

This Option allows us to use the recordings for intense postproduction processes. It offers a wide range of creative compositions in terms of colour grading, keying, digital scaling, and output projects with high end imagery.

This setup can also be rented!


NEx shogun RIG
Full digital Cinema configuration with Soulder mount and Handgrips, EVF, Shogun Recorder/Monitor, Nikkor Zoom Lens, Mattebox, Follow Focus, Sony Quick release mount, V-mount power supply.


Before and After Storyboard examples from the imagefilm-production for .

Done by our Storyboard Artist. A great way to keep storyline, visual and textual action in overview. It can also help customers to get a better understanding of the concept.

If interested, please contact us for single drawings or full project monitoring.

Storyboardseite 2 Storyboardseite 3Storyboardseite 1

High Speed Camera Test

Quick testing video to check the slowmotion mode of our new Camera system, the Sony NEX FS 700, by juggling 5 balls.

Installing a „Wireless“ Presentation LED Monitor in Our Office

We wanted to use a LED FLat Screen monitor as a presentation- and conference monitor, installed directly into the wall without any cables visible. First we cut a rectangular notch into the wall, installed a cable channel and then mounted the monitor via velcro fastener.

It can now be controlled from a small drawer underneath the table with tablets and laptops.

This is what it looked like before.