Globalisation of economies more often causes the need to go on long disctance- intercontinental travels to work on remote places in the world. So for us, as a green, sustainable company it is also not possible to entirely avoid using planes.

Once again we were instructed to do shootings overseas this time for a customer in New Zealand. As for the reason that we constantly try keeping our ecological footprint low, we were looking for a way to compensate the caused damage to nature of which we are co-responsible when booking our seat in the plane. There exists a huge variety of organisations who offer compensation services in terms of climate protection projects.

Finally we decided to trust

Critics say it is just a way to calm down ones conscience by paying a kind of remission while continue doing the wrong thing by excessively flying around the world without thinking about the consequences.. We think, as long as there aren´t any alternative and green technologies to reach other continents, its the better choice to at least try to keep your wastage of greenhouse gas balanced with this option. For sure it´d be always the better way if we could completely deal without it…